Days to remember : Day 2

Jai Hind Dosto 🙏!!!!

How could I forget to mention this???Every group member was unique in his/her own way. Time to introduce this YouTuber who used to start his video shooting with – Jai Hind Dosto . And while we were doing zip line and rappeling he would come and start shooting – Jaise ki aap dekh rahe hai hamare sathi badi himmat se prayas kar rahe hai etc etc and we all used to give some expressions as if we were entering the ring for fights , heheh.

So coming to day 2:

As per the instructions we had to get up by 5.30 . I slept ,setting two alarms – @5.30 , @5.35 . And I did wake up @5.30 . It was all silent out there. I opened the chain of my tent partially and peeped out , I saw a person coming towards our camp having light on his head I wasn’t sure who that person was. So I kept watching without going out. He came and started bonfire . I couldn’t recognize him so I chained up my tent and decided to wait until other members woke up. After 10min Mansi Ben gave a call of wake and then we all left.After breakfast we left for the trek .Rout started showing its true colours just after a few km , you know what I mean right?? It was better initially but as we started climbing up the rout started straightening up. Ajju Bhaiya , another group member who we call doremon , would play music – ” Kar Har Maidan Fateh ” and would say meri “Betiya Chhorose Kam Thodi Hai ” , heheh, and used to offer us candies time to time , just to motivate us a little, that was so sweet of him.We had three boys in our group named Shubham so we call them by their surname to avoid confusion. Hiwase the cutest boy , heheh , Never had a plain face. Every second a new reaction can be spotted on his face. He is a complete entertainer. After walking , we used to sit for a bit by the time people behind reach to us and then used to start walking again together. So Hiwase used to come to us and say, I am not tired it’s because of you people I have to sit otherwise I might have reached the peak by now , Hahaha.While walking, I had collected pretty flowers .

By noon we all had spilt up into three groups , because of the walking speed and the mid breaks. Our group was second in the row . Half a way I started shaking and suddenly was afraid to walk further probably because my blood sugar was low. But thanks to my group I could walk. Pote (Another Shubham )helped me alot to complete the whole trek .

Some of our clicks on our way :

On our way to the peak we met this not so young man who was trekking with just one leg. He inspired us for life . It was his 7th trek to Kalsubai and the very first with his better half. While we were tired he cheered us up . We got our life lesson . His smile made us forget all the fatigue.

And finally we reached the peak. We took pictures enjoyed our little Victory and then had our lunch that we brought with us.

At the peak :

Slipping and walking we came back to the base around @8.00 pm. And here comes the surprise of the day . Our very own YouTuber was missing. He went ahead of all of us , coz he wanted to be the first one to reach the base . But to our surprise he was nowhere.Then boys decided to send us girls back to the camp . Boys went to search for him.We, girls and 5 boys with us came to the camp , had dinner and some went to sleep while we 4-5 people sat around the bonfire waiting for the boys to come with the missing rabbit of our story.We funnily expected Pratik dada making videos in the jungle , heheh . But we were worried for him . Was he fine ?? and what if something happen to him etc etc were thoughts coming to our mind along with those funny imagination of him shootong videos –Jai hind dosto!! Jaise ki Aap Dekh rahe hai mai gum gaya hu , mai ye batana chahunga never come to kalsubai trek , heheh .

While we were waiting at the camp , we chatted about our childhood memories and life altogether. Slowly slowly no. of people awake reduced to three . Around @3am the boys came back with our missing rabbit . And everybody went to their respective tents to sleep as all were tired except us 6 -7 people . Even Pratik said he is sleepy . But I warn not to sleep as its our last night there . He too agreed and our very own dj played music and we all danced for around an hour then talked about ghosts. How could we not?? Ghost stories are the must part of night camping, heheh.We played prank on Mansi Ben . And our very own dj pavan hid behind her tent and waited almost for an hour. And we all pretended as if we were sleepy and got up to go to sleep. As she went near her tent he came from back and she got so scared. We all cracked up.Then we again came back around the bonfire ,chatted random things. Then went to take walk around the river side and finally @5.30am we went to tents to sleep.So that’s how our day summoned.We lived there for three days, two nights without any network , away from the social media and all the crowd. But none of us missed phone. We all were happy in the dreamy world of memories . I am happy that I made to those last 3 seats. I thankfully decided at the last minute , otherwise I might have missed on such precious memories I have today with all those people who were unknown to me .

So how did the boys reach our rabbit ??It’s another story. 😛

Pratik dada , the missing rabbit, had taken the wrong route while coming back and reached another village joint by the rout . There he found little bit of network so he contacted parents of one of our group members. Her father is a cop so he contacted the forest officers of the area and they contacted the police patil of the village and got into touch with the boys. As complicated as it sounds. And yes he did shoot a video while he was in the jungle for 3 hours , not to disappoint anyone, hahaha. But I must say he had courage and patience so without giving up he tried whatever he could . We really pulled his leg till the end and even now we miss no chance to remind him of the incidence, heheh.That’s all about Day 2 .Next morning we had breakfast and left the dreamy world behind .

Day 3 : That Day our journey back to our real world started.

We wasted not a single minute coz we knew those moments were never gonna come back. And journey became memorable with our very own Nagin – Mr deshmukh (3rd Shubham) . We have his some exclusive dance videos , lucky us, hahahah . Mr. shayar can kill me for sharing exclusive pictures of him .

So that’s how we spent our 3 days 4 nights journey .

  • We brought back a basket full of memories , experiences and inspiration .
  • Trek taught me pushing my boundaries and not giving up till I reach the peak.
  • Trek taught me moving on patiently .
  • Trek taught me we all have different capacities . We all reach the peak for sure, some little early , some little late .
  • Trek taught me ,walking little slowly and reaching little late doesn’t make me a looser.
  • And on lighter note, ” Trek gave us live example of rabbit-turtle story “

Days to remember : Day 1

Recently I tasted a bit of adventure. I went for the kalsubai trek. Kalsu Bai is called as the Everest of Maharashtra, as it’s the highest peak in the state. It was a sudden decision for me. I knew about this guy ,a fellow batch mate ,who organises treks under his NGO ‘Parikrama’ . And before every trek he organised I asked details but never went . This time just before 3 days I decided to go. My cousin and sister was also interested . My cousin registered for three of us just 3 days before we left for the trek . We were all 20 people in the bus consisting of different groups.The night we left , we all were strangers. The group of 5 boys were making noise and my sister said she felt they might have never went out of house before for making such noise with that excitement, heheh. Next day in noon we reached the base village where arrangements for lunch were made. Though Pratik (the parikrama boy) organized the trek, overall arrangements were managed by a group of three people – Tejas bhai , Mansi Ben and Vatsal bhai – members of a trust from Gujarat.We fresh n up and had lunch. I could kill someone who found curry delicious . That day my sister realized how good and better her mess tiffin is !! Heheh. Dal and pickle saved us. After lunch we left for sandhan valley .
Sandhan valley is a beautiful carved valley in magnificent Sayhadri mountain range, which is part of Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Surrounded with mighty and jaw-dropping mountains of Ratangad and Kalsubai, the valley stands at the height of 4255 ft high above sea level, which is the perfect spot for trekking and other adventure activities. The trek goes through 200 ft deep and 2 km long gorge carved by water between the narrow walls .We did rappeling and zip line there.

After all the adventures in the valley we went back to the same place were We had lunch. We fresh n up and headed for the next dreamy part of our 3 days adventure – ‘ River side camping ‘.We all had an introductory session. To go little easy on the unemployed engineer (that so many of us ,heheh) we decided to have a short intro with name and hobbies. By that time we all had become friendly.River side tents, under the stars, around bonfire and to make it more romantic Guitar tunes with antakshari . Uff , just can’t get over of that night. What a night it was !!! We all had the best time of our lives. And amidst all ,rounak ne rounak badhai, heheh. (that’s a little secret,let’s not reveal it , wink) .By the way , Rounak is a group member.

Everyone left to sleep as we had to get up by 5.30 in the morning for kalsubai trek.Did I mention how tasty dinner was?? The couple who prepared our dinner came to me and asked if it could match our taste as we ‘Vidarbhiyans’ have different taste in food ( Probably ,they heard me praising lunch curry heheh- sorry for poor sarcasm guys ).Here ends the 1 St day .

The end !!!

The suicide could have been prevented , I keep thinking sometimes . My uncle committed suicide last year , probably you too might have lost someone to suicide.

Do you feel the suicide could have been prevented ???

The basic question –
Why does someone embrace death when life is so beautiful???

Beacuse they do not find that beauty . They have no hope. They feel no one is by their side. Beacuse we being there loved one fail to show them , that beauty . A person who commits suicide dies by the heart first . I personally feel suicide is a long procedure , it’s not a last moment decision .

When a person tries to escape the suffering having no hope, fearful of life ,embrace death fearlessly.

We often take emotional imbalance lightly giving too much importance to the human race, to the expectations of society . We need to tell a person , who’s loosing hope that –

When alive there are endless possibilities to start afresh but death ends every possibility.

Just quit on society , what matters is you and we love you – is something can prevent a thought of suicide , I feel.
We try to understand people the way we see life , the way we face it , the way we experience it. To understand someone we need to see life with their perspective, with consideration of their experiences and their sufferings. That little understanding can give someone a hope . A little time , taken for them can give the warmth they need , the importance they want .
And trust me , we all humans are same . Not bread and butter but we crave for love and warmth. We might be busy trying hard to compete in the race to reach the highs and reserving the attention our loved ones need for future , which is uncertain. May be in future we will reach the highs, and have time but not our loved ones .
Life is meant to be balanced.

Message to everyone

Quit on suffering and not on life.
Death is an end, life is an opportunity .





Through my eyes the beautiful sky…. ♥

When nature paints no filter is needed !!!The sky and the sun makes me feel life is beautiful with different shades everyday . The sun completes its half journey and says goodbye to start remaining half of the journey . Isn’t this goodbye feast for the eyes ??? And the clouds make it more pretty . Nothing can block shine of the sun no matter how dark the clouds are !!!Just a view through my eyes!!!yeah , I can’t get enough 🙆 .#obsessed#NoFilter#MyObservation#WorldInWords❤

Everything is temporary ♥

It was a one day trip in Melghat . This place is not new to me . I have been travelling on these roads since my childhood . But this time I went there after a long gap of 3 years . This is a forest area . When it’s about forest all we could imagine is greenery everywhere . But to my disappointment half of the forest missing its greenery . It’s June end still there is no rain in that area . All I could see are thirsty trees waiting for the rain .

Everybody wants to travel on the road going through green forest . Everybody loves the roads covered by beautiful green trees on it’s both side . No one wants to travel on the roads watching deadly trees .
Somehow I could relate life with these trees . They are all thirsty , still standing strong. Trees are not meant to be green all the time. They have seasons , they have phases just like life. Same like that , We are not supposed to have happy seasons all the time . We are supposed to go through rough phases and come strong through all of them with lessons . Only those who have strong roots can stand waiting for the rain . Soon it will rain and deadly trees will turn green . Nothing lasts forever. Keep on hoping , keep on rooting .

” Season Will Change ,
Life Will Make You Grow ,
Everything Is Temporary ,
Everything Will Slide .”

My little one ♥

I would love to spell some of the childhood memories with my sister .
She is almost 5 years younger than I am . I have literally pampered her, like a baby , from making her laugh when she used to cry , to making her sleep by singing lullabies which were exclusively made by me , I have done it all . Our mummy still laughs remembering how broken lullabies I used to make and sing to entertain my little one .

She used to beat me up and I had never given it back to her as she was younger . She would come from back and punch me and then run crying loudly so that our parents could hear her and yell at me . Then she would laugh at me and I would pass the glare at her exactly like this emoji 👉😒👈 . Now we laugh remembering all this . Whenever we used to eat cream biscuits , she would lick the cream leaving only biscuit for me . Whenever someone used to ask her favourite food or her favourite colour she would come to me and ask my choices and then she would answer, yes yes I like the same . If I had fever then she would do drama saying I have fever too . She always wanted the same things I liked even though we had different tastes . Even today if she is going somewhere she asks me for my opinion about what to wear . She would argue for an hour how she doesn’t want to wear it , but at the end she would go with my choice only . For my primary education I was at my maternal grandparents’ place . So whenever my parents used to visit , I would be waiting on the way of my grandparents’ house . And the moment I saw my sister coming I would go and lift her in my arms . Lifting her up in my arms was like an achievement to me – she was a healthy child and I was totally opposite , tall and super thin . During our childhood I was so happy because she used to hate chocolates and mangoes . Now she loves them to my disappointment . She is an angry bird . She would drop anything in anger like if I make her angry while eating she would not eat just because I tease her , so I started taking advantage of this . Whenever she would eat chocolates , I would do something to annoy her so that I could have it . Initially it was so effective , but then she understood my tactics . We are totally opposite to each other . She is always in serious mood acting all sophisticated and I am always doing silly things to annoy her . We say sarcastically that we even have opposite blood group , she is ( A+ ) and I am ( A- ) . I love playing with kids which she hates . She hates how they make noise while playing . I gang up with all kids and we deliberately make noise to annoy her . It’s so easy to annoy her . She has a bad habit of nail biting . Already her nails are small and short , so to tease her I deliberately put my fingers near her fingers to show off my nails . She never needs a nail cutter to cut her nails as they never grow . She is going to kill me for mentioning her precious nails . I have long hair than her so I flaunt them exactly in front of her face . When she is getting ready I would go and stand next to her showing off them and she gives me an angry look without saying a word and we laugh . I never let go a single chance to annoy and embarrass her .

But best thing is she loves cooking and I love eating this is the only reason I feel blessed sometimes 😜 .
We fight alot to the extend our mummy says there are no siblings like us who fight like this . But we love each other with the same intensity . We do fight alot but we don’t spare anyone if someone tries to hurt any of us . Our world revolves around each other .

While growing up , we see our parents worrying about us when we travel or come late and we often feel there is no reason to get so worried and restricting on times . To be honest I also do this to her . Having a younger siblings makes you understand your parents’ position .

It’s her birthday today and I have a message for her –

I want you to live your life to the fullest . You need to love yourself and need to learn how to find your happiness no matter what life shows you . Do whatever makes you happy , I am always gonna be there to pick you up if you fall down . And remember we picked you from jungle that is why we don’t have alot of pictures of your childhood . I could not mention some of the memories , sorry to disappoint you 😜 .

I love u 😘
Happy Birthday ❤🎊🎉🎈🎂 .
P. S. She no more dares to beat me up because , now I make sure she would get it back😜 .




My World Of Words♥

As I mentioned in previous blog I wasn’t a kid who steps outside alot . And was only comfortable around my mother . So I never shared anything with anyone even when I was sad and hurt . But when we store everything in the heart , it weighs alot , it feels so heavy . It was back then in 2009 ,when I was in 9th standard our English teacher used to give topics to write down our openions . And more than writing them for marks or in perspective of exams I was more inclined to pour my heart . I found peace in writing down whatever I felt . So it started during that period , I would write whatever I feel like . And I would feel free and comfortable as there was not fear of judgements . I was so unable to put all words together to express myself . So even if I try to pour my heart , it was hard to convey someone what exactly I feel like . But writing them all gave a way out to my thoughts . I knew that piece of paper was not going to judge me or laugh at me if I couldn’t express properly . It became my comfort zone . I could analyze myself after writing . It not only helped me to improve my way of expression but also gave my thoughts clarity . Writing down my thoughts was like watching myself in the mirror . It helped me to find a friend in myself . There was rarely a book during my college days where the last pages left empty . I would write whatever and where ever in my notebook . Fortunately , teachers never checked my notebook 🙈 and I was not so bright that someone could borrow my books 😀 , they were always incomplete anyways 🙈 . Sometimes I used to write with pencil so that I could erase it all 😃 .
Last year in September , I wrote first time openly on WordPress . For me , writing never meant to teach someone a lesson of life , of course I can’t , I am still a student in the school of life . It also never meant to prove something right or wrong , or even I can’t inspire someone as I have not achieved anything yet . For me writing is a space of my own , the world of my words . It is a way for me to learn , to grow , to improve . Now I have some great people around me , I can share anything and everything with them still writing never left my hand 😃 .

Writing does not need great philosophy, correct Grammer, vast vocab . It only needs right emotions and willingness to express them all .
I really suggest you should try writing down whenever feel stucked and see how it helps.

Writing is the best way to find a friend within urself….♥ ♥



Like the flowing river♥

We know the experiment of needle magnet . If we hold the needle tightly in hand then it won’t show any direction . It shows direction when we hang it freely . That is how life is !!
I realized I hold things too tightly I never set myself free to experience new things . There were always rules and regulations which acted as an imaginary wall of limitations . And I never went against that wall . It was always like – things has to go in certain way and has to be done within certain limits and if not then I used to be anxious . Now I am breaking that wall .
In the past one year my perspective for life has changed in many ways . Now , I am more sort of a person who is willing to discover new things about myself . My curiosity has been on high point . I so wanna do something different everytime . Making mistake is no more a regret for me rather I am excited to learn from them . I feel more lively , more comfortable and more at peace . No more conflicts between heart and mind , now both works in coordination 😃 , may be because of the acceptance of uncertainty caused by the decisions . I keep trying to make life better . Truely said that your thinking and approach moulds your life . Let’s not go on the deep philosophy of law of attraction . But it is a fact that we become what we think , it is just a matter of time . I spend more time on discovering new list of to do things and new hobbies to add in my list . Thinking about all this , I understood , nothing has changed – The people around me , the place I live in , the society I have been part of , the only thing that has changed is my approach towards my life .
I did not know how to express the restless feeling born through impulsive curiosity for life . I was trying to figure out what exactly I want from my life and still I am . But I understood one thing for sure now , what I want are experiences . I want stories to share .

Each day I feel like there are so many things I have not done yet , there is so much to try . Experiences is a new found love for me . I don’t want to stop but go with the flow like the flowing river .
That’s my story of discovering life , what is yours ???
When was the last time you thought about where you want to be and what you want in your life ???



Since our childhood ,We are taught not to make mistakes rather than moving on with lessons. . . We are taught to be perfect rather than accepting imperfection . . . We are taught to hold on rather than letting go . . .

As a result most of us never learn the facts –

A mistake is not the end of everything and perfection is a myth . It is okay to make mistakes , this is the way one grows . Every mistake , every losses can empower you , you just need to know how to use the opportunity created by those losses . Making mistake and accepting it , is not cowardy but holding on it , is . You really don’t need to hold on things which bring stress rather than happiness in your life . Let it go when holding on only means making society happy . At the end all we do is for living happy life ♥ .



Strong or weak 🤔????

There is no perfect definition for being strong or being weak . Being strong does not mean u should not cry and lock your emotions into the heart . It also does not mean ,you should bear the burden of heavy stress and still should not rely on anyone . Being strong does not mean u don’t need to be loved and live lonely life . Then what is it to be strong???
Being strong means finding your worth in every dark shade life shows u . Being strong means getting up and gathering broken pieces of your soul and still having faith in life once again positively , no matter how many times life tries to break u . It takes courage to show your emotions and weakest side to someone. But after showing that broken side of yours if someone doesn’t understand the gravity of the situations u go through then not loosing hope in the goodness , is being strong . Being strong means acknowledging Your own mistakes . Being strong means having big dreams no matter how much anyone else mocks you for your dream . For me the strongest persons are someone who wear their heart on sleeves , beacuse it takes courage to show emotion without being afraid of betrayal.


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