Never ending wants….

Sometimes all u want is someone to talk with… U want someone to listen all u wanna say… U don’t want any suggestions , solutions for that matter but u want to pour your heart out… Throughout these years of my life I learned one thing , that nothing is as heavy as the emotions one suppress in heart… Sometimes all u need is an escape… But wanting an escape does not mean u are cowardy… Everyone needs space from the world to regain the loss streanth… But practically u can not have an escape… Because it is not a fairy tale… U have to think about future , your career etc etc the never ending wants of human… Sometimes I find all these things as cons of being an human with brain… Because sometimes all I want is to run away from the crowded world , without thoughts of future and career and just want space for “ME” and “MY PEACE” . Thinking of an option which could be an great escape for me I regret everyday because I couldn’t make choices because I also have to think of so called career… How confusing this human life is…. Always grinding between “Want To Do” and “Have To Do”….


Self Punishment🤐

Every day comes with new stories. Each day ends with hundreds of stories. Some stories become good, joyful ,memorable memories . Where some become good teacher and left us with some sort of regrets , guilts. And these guilt and regrets are the most painful and heavy baggage to carry on. Which eventually takes you down with it’s heavy weight. Never regret on your decision . It is okay , if things does not go in a way you wanted. It is okay if it doesn’t turn up in your favor. It is okay to just let it go. You don’t have to feel guilty for taking decisions which were not beneficial to you. But it is not okay if you keep regretting and waste the time you have in your hands too. Just be the real you and make yourself free from the fear of making wrong choices. Wrong choice is not loss but a gain of experience which makes you stronger and confident. It is okay not to be perfect because this is how life is….

Assurance ❤❤

I wonder how can I blame the beaker for having solution dilute or concentrated??????

It happens we criticize people for being bitter, salty. Tell them u should change yourself otherwise u will have none by your side. Or in some cases, how can u be so weak and negative. Why can’t you see good things but only bad thing. And even say I am saying this because I care for u. Really?????

Dear, even if we change the beaker, solution can be same. Because beaker is just storing it, and not producing the solution. Observer is the one who adds salt to be responsible for making solution dilute or concentrated.

Same happens with us as well. U can not blame the person for being weak, or bitter or salty…. If u care , then pour sweetness, enough to turn them sweet. Change their negativity into positivity by giving them love and care which lacks in their lives, assure them there can be someone who is there for them to matter what happens, assure them they deserve to be loved…. Then proudly say yes I care for u….

Your thought is your existence ❤❤

People consider u outcast if u have different opinions. It is ok if u think differently . It is better to walk alone than being with someone who doesn’t consider your thoughts . They call u stubborn for taking stand for what u think. But aren’t they are being stubborn for not understanding the fact that everyone is different with different choices, different opinions different like /dislikes different thoughts, different mentality. U can not ask someone to think like u do.Thoughts are your existence don’t loose them just for someone who wants u to think like them. Loosing your thoughts means loosing your existence. U can not be happy by following someone else’s thoughts disregarding yours . Following your heart u will be satisfied and at peace . So it is better to walk path alone. Being different does not mean u are wrong. Don’t pressurize yourself thinking too much if u feel alone to think different. U have your heart to support u. Everything starts with your heart. Focus on what your heart says rather than what people says. Positivity exists in your heart do not search it outside. Don’t let people live your journey. It doesn’t mean u are always right but thinking u are wrong because people say and not because u feel is something wrong…

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Peace lies in Acceptance 🤗❤

Yes, Peace lies in Acceptance. All the complex we have is beacuse we don’t accept things the way they are , we want them the way we want. Well who doesn’t like the things going the way they want. But what happens is we keep wanting the things in a way we want and loose peace. Whatever it is, even if it is good enough, we don’t get satisfied and become anxious. It happens with everyone, but some of them get that, not having things the way we wish always is the LIFE, just accept it the way it is and find your way to enjoy it. Even it happens in terms of choices as well. Nothing comes without consequences. Every choice comes with consequences. But we just want those choices . We don’t accept the consequences accompanied with choices. Even the diomand has to go through cuts , gold has to get through fire to take a shape we desire then we are no exception, we have to go through cuts and fire to reach our choices. So if u want your choices then ACCEPT the cuts and fire too. It will help to get rid of ANXIETY and will provide PEACE. So PEACE lies in ACCEPTANCE.

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Love is love ❤💜💙💛💚

Love is love. Love is a belief. Love can not be defined with size, shape, colour, caste, religion, sex. Men , women , transgenders , lesbians , gay all are humans. Everyone has choices and right to have choices. No laws , no religions should restrict them from choosing what they want. Laws are made for welfare of society and not to create inequality between people. Finally all are equal now with equal rights. Big decision for democracy. Free to love, free to live. It is truly an Independence day for #LGBTQAI as they are free to breath with their choices… ✌❤💙💚💛💜 #India #section377 #377verdict